Review : Minako Passion Bold


It is the translate of this article. My enghlish is not perfect. Sorry.

During french trip of Minako Naomi Bold, I had the chance to test this wrap.

Composition de la Minako Naomi Bold

Minako Naomi Bold Blend

I have a little girl of 10 months, 7.500 kg than I wear between 2 and 6 hours by day, at home but also outside for our outings.

I usually appreciate the thick wraps, with cotton, cashmere and merino, for example, fluffy.


Stash. Left : PinkNova Polaris Aura Oscha Matrix Sucre d’Orge Linuschka Golden Boutons Ehawee Slings Cranes Just A Lime Lime Tree –  Right : Minako Naomi Passion Eseasons Wrapahula Baby’s Breath

When receiving the Bold I initially was surprised by its very changeable color and moire. Looks like wild  silk. Sometimes black sometimes green.

The touch, a joy too. The wrap is soft and I’ll have well guarded shawl!

Tissage de la Minako Naomi Bold

Detail Minako Naomi Bold

I just had a reservation as its delicacy, fear it is too fine for my habits.

So I used the Bold first to pick up my son at school, wearing and fast installation before that made themselves with incredible ease.
The wrap is thin and slightly elastic, it allows easy installation.

The installation can be done quickly, it does not move, ideal for short portage.
I then tested at home, and dance (dance portage), still a success!

It is fine and so not too hot, while very sustaining and especially a highly accurate tightening.
I never had a wrap as easy and dragging and tighten. It was the feeling of having the fineness of bamboo in hands.

I could even take my daughter with the front torso for our greater happiness both. Nothing has changed thanks to an optimum tightening that does not move.

Noeud front torso

Front torso

I tried it later node with a wrap to me without success, it was only loosen.

In conclusion, I expected nothing specific to me but I was blown away by this wrap so the composition and especially the weaving makes it a gem …


Setting apart the color that is not to my taste (although lovely and surprising), I recommend to wear when baby or ttoddler and in any season! Amazing.

Good wearing,



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